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Employers all over the world know the valuable contribution of their employees to the growth of their companies. They spend thousands of dollars to increase the satisfaction of their workers, thus, resulting to quality production and therefore, increase revenues. Otherwise, turnovers are unavoidable. This means they will have to spend more on recruiting new workers and train them

In Singapore, some S$80 million was used up on hiring expenses. Records released by LinkedIn and PWC showed that it would take longer time to hire the right replacements in 2013 that resulted to increase in recruitment costs. The same report also showed that there were more than 21% of workers in Singapore resigned during their first year compared to Netherlands’ short-term resignation ratio were only at 4%.

The following are recommended company events that you can have to boost the motivation of your workers in Singapore. There are event management companies in Singapore that offer professional event planning and implementation. They take care of details, from planning to preparation to implementation of the event.

Seminars and Conferences are conducted with specific audiences to provide these participants with relevant information about the company.  Generally, seminars are shorter meetings for about two hours to half day, or one day event. These seminars have one or more speakers and done in one room. Conferences have more than three sessions that tackle various topics, roles, or skill levels. Since conferences are consisting of bigger audiences, they are conducted in hotels or venues that have bigger space. These conferences are usually done in one, two days, or even more than two days.

Team Building activities are geared towards building of strengths of the company through boosting the employees’ confidence, morale, and goodwill. It gives unique experience for employees to spend time with one another in more personalized settings and solve problems together and fulfill goals. Team building activities is more effective with outdoor activities.

Company Milestone events such as company anniversary or grand opening, or product launching are celebrated with employees and other stakeholders like suppliers and clients. The programs of these events are similar to Appreciation Meetings.

There are many forms of meetings ad gatherings that can be customized to build and nurture relationships among employees and employees-employers, and even fostering company-suppliers-clients relationships. If you are an executive of a company in Singapore that is assigned to make programs to boost employees’ morale and relationships, you can employ event management companies. These event planners can help in identifying goals, planning the activities, finding appropriate venues, and during implementation.

Simply Events Singapore offers professional advice for appropriate event for any event, from birthday party to company event. We are reliable event management firm in Singapore which presents event packages to choose from or make customized event to accomplish a goal. We take care of the details while you take care of the most important task – nurturing relationships.

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