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Premium Game Stalls in Singapore – Hire Us Now!

Simply Events – Carnival Game Stalls Singapore offers variety of game stalls as below:

Inflatable Sport Games

Carnival games are very popular for school events, school carnival, corporate and festivals.
These interactive and inflatable attractions are a great rentals to attract attention and provide hours of fun for any age.
Provide the full carnival experience with inflatable games and challenges.

BaseBall, Basketball, Rugby and Snowball

Rental cost @$400 for 2 games / $600 for 4 games

Inflatable Archery AKA Hovberball Archery

S.A.F.E. Archery (Students and Families Experiencing Archery) is a great way to experience archery in any environment.
Players take turns to fire the foam-tipped arrows at 4 hovering balls inside the inflated archery range.
No prior archery experience is needed but it takes lots of practice so you can hit all 4 balls down!

Rental cost : $500

Double Shot basketball

Basketball Shootout Hire in Singapore

Whether you hanker back to the classic days of the Harlem Globetrotters,
or you worship the modern kings of the court like Lebron James and Michael Jordan,
everyone loves basketball for its simplicity and skill.
But can you take the pressure of our basketball shoot out?
Shooting the hoops, head to head, while the crowd cheer your opponent’s every score?
Side by side, with nowhere to hide, our two hoops lay down the challenge.

Rental cost : $350

Inflatable Dart Game

Introducing our Inflatable Velcro Darts Game,
Exactly the same as traditional darts only much, much bigger…..
oh, and the darts are velcro! This giant inflatable version of the game stands at just over 8.2ft tall!
Scoring is exactly the same the normal game. Although the dart board it much bigger,
This is still a tricky game to play! Great fun for kids and adults alike. Ideal for all types of events and can be used indoors or out.

Rental Cost : $350

3in1 Inflatable Carnival Game

3in1 Inflatable Carnival Game is sure to be a huge hit at your next event.
Your guest will love the 3n1 carnival game! It’s the perfect start to hosting your own carnival.
Have a themed party with the 3n1 Inflatable Carnival game! This inflatable includes 3 games with vibrant artwork that will make any space feel like a carnival.

Rental cost : $650

Inflatable Penalty Shootout

A great competitive activity for both adults and children.
Inflatable Penalty Shootout is extremely popular for those who love football.
Create competitions with beat the keeper games and penalty shootouts to give another dimension to your party or event.

Rental cost : $450

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